Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Moving, luck and family.

If you have been reading my blog, you know by now that we have closed on the house last Tuesday.  We did have a small hiccup which delayed closing for a couple of hours but in the end everything worked out and we got our keys.   According to my mom, the next day, December 5, was an auspicious (lucky) day for moving.  But since we were not ready to move at all, she told me to bring rice, salt and a broom to the house.  Rice is said to symbolize prosperity, salt is said to bring spice to your life and a broom is needed to sweep away bad luck.  Although, I am not superstitious by nature, I still brought all those to the house on that day, and doing so made it feel like my mom is here with me and not thousands of miles away. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Four hours and counting...

We will be closing on the house in 4 hours.  I have to say this experience of building a house is sort of like giving birth...painful during labor (in this case the build process) and joy when you see the baby (the finished house and finish line).  I am so happy with the house that when I saw our PM yesterday for last minute stuff I had feelings of fondness for him, much like how Ted felt when he was about to break it off with Zoe in "How I Met Your Mother", unlike the feelings of irritation for him (the PM) during the build process.  

We had an independent inspection done last Saturday.  Our inspector was surprised by the quality of the build RH had done and he only found mostly cosmetic issues.    But it was during this inspection, when we found out that our PM did not put in the drop-down stairs to the attic in the laundry room.  He did provide us with an access but no stairs.  During the building, there was a set of drop-down stairs stored in our garage so I thought that was it, apparently the stairs was not ours but belonged to another house being built.  If this had happened weeks ago, I would have been breathing fire about that but since it was almost near the finish line, I was surprisingly calm about it.  Our PM had promised to finish out the installation at the latest Thursday since we do plan to move in on Saturday.  Oh well.

I have to say that I am so in love with my professional style dual-fuel range and hood!  I think the set just made the house a whole lot classier.  The hardwood flooring is gorgeous.  Our PM mentioned that the inspectors thought the floors were awesome and that it was their first time to inspect a house with so much hardwood.  

 I'll end this post with pictures of the house.  Anybody who is used to blogger would know that they would randomly post the pics.  Our days will become busier after today.  I'll try to update this blog with changes we've made to the house.  Congratulations to those who had recently closed and good luck to those still building.

Typical upper bedroom

My awesome kitchen

Laundry room


Bonus room

Double welled basement door

Stairs to basement

Extra finished basement space

Another pic of the kitchen

Kids in family room